Santa Clarita Truck Accident in Tunnel – Trucking Accident in Los Angeles

On Friday October 12th, at least five big rigs were involved in a serious accident in Santa Clarita, California just 30 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles. While the cause of the accident is still under investigation, the Associated Press is reporting that several passenger vehicles were involved as well, with at least 3 deaths and 10 injuries. Trucking accidents remain some of the most dangerous accidents throughout California.

The pileup in a freeway tunnel resulted in an explosion which has had the 5 freeway shutdown since the accident.

Firefighters, police and rescue workers were still searching for victims on Sunday morning. Fire investigators said they suspect that two big rigs or tractor trailers crashed and burst into flames in the tunnel. Several passengers traveling in their cars were able to get out of the tunnel without any injuries.

It has been reported that the tunnel where the accident occurred is one of the most dangerous areas of the freeway because of the darkness and curves uncharacteristic of tunnels. Interstate 5 remains closed on Sunday.

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