At 8 PM in Anaheim, one person was killed and three others seriously injured when a police chase lead to a devastating automobile crash.  The accident occurred on Magnolia and Crescent avenues after two suspects who were fleeing police in a red pickup collided head on into another truck and a compact car.  The duo was speeding in excess of 85 to 100 MPH prior to the collision.  Police were pursuing the men in connection to an assault of an individual in a store parking lot.

The young man inside the other pickup truck was killed while the driver of the compact car and the suspects were all critically injured.

In the above circumstance, the fleeing suspects could be held liable for the wrongful death of the pickup driver and the injuries sustained by the driver of the compact car.  If you or a valued family members has been hurt in a violent, life altering car accident contact our sponsoring lawyers to for a free case evaluation and learn your legal rights.