A black Nissan Maxima crashed into a double rig dirt hauler in the south bound lanes of Brea Boulevard at around 7 a.m. this Friday morning causing diesel fuel to spill after the truck’s tank ruptured. The car and truck collision< occurred right at the intersection of Brea and Bastanchury Road and shut that area of the roadway down.

Investigators on the scene will more than likely look into various reasons for the truck and car crash, especially if a death or traumatic permanent injury resulted. One of the primary causes that authorities often exam is driver intoxication. Distraction is yet another consideration that will be weighed. If all else checks out the possibility of vehicular malfunction due to faulty auto  parts could be a possibility. All these determining factors could help accident victims analyze the situation to see if they can pursue litigation and receive financial compensation for their injuries. This is important since ensuing medical costs can threaten a collision survivor’s livelihood and savings.

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