In a horrifying crash with a semi, a seriously-injured woman driving a Honda Crosstour was trapped in her vehicle, before being freed by firefighters and hospitalized, after her vehicle slammed into a tractor-trailer truck on the Artesia Freeway, in Cerritos, CA, shortly before 1:00 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, March 7, 2015.


The Honda’s devastating impact with the big truck, which reportedly carried a load of human waste, happened with such force that witnesses said the Honda was literally jammed tight, underneath the the back end of the truck’s trailer. The crash with the semi damaged the driver’s side portion of the Honda so badly that firefighters worked for a tense hour to remove its driver from the wreckage, before she could be transported to a hospital for treatment of severe injuries sustained in the wreck.


According to reports, the Honda crashed into the rear of the big rig at a high rate of speed. While many people believe that fault in rear-end collisions is a pretty cut-and-dried matter, the cause of these accidents is not always inattention or careless driving on the part of the vehicle in the rear.

The question is always whether each driver was exercising reasonable care for the safety of others using the roadway, and many rear-end collisions have been caused by the negligence of the driver in front, like those who drive without working brake lights, or big truck drivers who drive long hours, fall asleep, then stop suddenly and unexpectedly. Even in an accident like this one, fault and accident causation are rarely as simple as they may seem.


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