A Thursday evening street race in the Chatswoth neighborhood of Los Angeles resulted in the death of two onlookers and injuries to several others. Henry Gevorgyan turned himself into authorities on Saturday night after driving his Ford Mustang into a crowd of around 60 people. Gevorgyan lost control of his Ford Mustang in the midst of a high speed illegal street race. One of the injured onlookers is still in critical condition.

While Gevorgyan wasn’t the only driver to lose control of his vehicle and injure onlookers, he is the only one to have turned himself in to Los Angeles police as of Monday. Another suspect involved in the crash is at large and police are asking those who watched the accident to offer their assistance in identifying the driver. Gevorgyan has been charged with murder as a result of his actions. His Ford Mustang was specially modified for racing but his tire marks indicate that he lost control of the vehicle while shifting in between gears while at high rate of speed.

Los Angeles Police Captain, John McMahon, stated that street racing is commonly portrayed as a form of entertainment but it is dangerous and criminal. In Gevorgyan’s situation, it turned out to be deadly. Jail records show that Gevorgyan does not have an attorney. His bail has been set at a hefty $2 million.

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