As the final day of May and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, we once again report on another tragic motorcycle accident which resulted in the death of a young California man. On Friday morning, in the City of Industry, Hacienda Heights area, a motorcyclist was struck by and pinned underneath a big rig truck carrying gravel. The victim was pulled in between the wheels and dragged.

The crash happened on Turnbull Canyon Road and Gale Avenue. The victim of the motorcycle crash has not been identified yet, however, the CHP did state that the victim was dragged a few hundred feet after the initial impact.

The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene after having suffering from traumatic injuries from the impact.

It is critical that a complete and thorough investigation be continued until all possibility and probabilities of this accident are brought to light. It has been our experience that most motorcycle accidents involved with trucks and other cars are caused by inattentive truck drivers who are not properly paying attention to the roads. A typical answer from the at-fault truck driver is that “I didn’t see him/her.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this victim.

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