Seven people were hospitalized for critical and serious personal injuries suffered in a Lancaster multi-vehicle motor vehicle accident.   The thunderous car crash occurred around 6:45 p.m. at the intersection of Challenger Way and East Avenue J-8, during a heavy storm Wednesday evening. All Hospitalized

For the seven people involved in this catastrophic auto accident, injuries ranged from serious to critical. The Maserati driver and one of the injured children were in critical condition. Also hospitalized were three more children and two adults.

Cause of Accident Still Up in the Air

Officials investigating the accident think it possible that the raging thunderstorm played a part in causing the catastrophic wreck, but the investigation is ongoing. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sgt.,  David Jennings, told reporters that the Maserati had entered the intersection in a yellow light, with the right-of-way. When all came to rest, the Maserati was literally wrapped around an electric pole, causing Sgt. Jennings to express wonder that the driver had even survived the wreck into the pole, which he described as one of the top two most intrusive car crashes he’d ever seen.

It is possible that the Maserati was traveling too fast for the severe weather conditions, even if the driver had the right-of-way at the light, and even if he was within the speed limit. Exercising reasonable care for the safety of others sometimes requires a driver to slow down to a prudent speed, given driving conditions or dangerous roads.  Whether the extremely intrusive nature of the crash into the pole indicates excessive speed is a matter yet to be seen.

Independent Investigation

For those who have suffered injuries or whose loved ones have been hurt in an accident like this disastrous multi-car wreck, it is often wise to seek legal advice and help as quickly as possible after the accident.  An independent investigation of the entire accident may reveal responsibility overlooked by investigating police; evidence must be preserved and witnesses interviewed by a trained personal injury attorney who knows what to ask and how to ensure that witnesses can be found later, if needed.

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