Recent studies indicate that traffic fatalities were up during the past Memorial Day weekend, with as many as 31 people killed across the state of California. Interestingly, 10 of those fatalities were in Los Angeles County.

This increase is in sharp contrast to the number of deaths that occurred Last Memorial Day weekend, where a total of 19 people died. Only 1 of those deaths were in Los Angeles County. Although the same research showed that drunk driving was actually down during  the 2009’s holiday weekend, one can surmise that some of the accidents  occurred due to other impairments, including drowsy driving caused by commuting long distances after visiting friends and family.

The holidays can increase auto accidents that are caused by negligent drivers, but one can be hurt at any point in time by these careless motorists. If you have suffered crippling personal injury because of impaired drivers, you do have legal recourse. Contact them for a free case evaluation and get the compensation you need for related medical costs and pain and suffering.