In light of an accidentthat occurred on January 4th of 2007, a local Los Angeles nursing home has been fined to the tune of $100,000, a sum concluded by health officials after examining the 2007 accident that leaded to the patient’suntimely death.

During the morning of Jan. 4, 2007, an 83-year-old man fell off of his wheelchair while being transferred to his bed at the Lakewood Manor Nursing Home of Los Angeles. The man lost his balance, hitting a guard rail that left with noticeable head injuries. The man, who had already cognitive problems prior to the accident, suffered substantial injuries as a result of the accident that eventually lead to his death on January 9th.

According to reports from physicians, the Los Angeles nursing home neglected to provide proper support for the patient while changing equipment and also failed to treat the patient for his injuries following the accident.

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