After a bale of hay fell off a landscapers’ truck trailer in Orange County, several cars stopped on the southbound 55 freeway to avoid it. One vehicle, a Dodge sports sedan,was slow to react in time and did not stop. The Sedan rear ended a Toyota which screeched and swerved across the freeway’s lanes towards the shoulder. The Toyota was struck several times during the process  by other cars. It is estimated that at least five autos were involved in the crash. Sustained injuries were not reported at press time. The incident occurred at 10:15 a.m. near Collins Avenue and briefly blocked the No. 1 Lane of freeway 55.

Could an accident like this been avoided?  Who was at fault, the landscaper, the Dodge sports car driver or both?  If you have been injured in a similar accident, the answers to these questions are critical.  Not only will it help you discern who is responsible for your injury, the info will help you in court should you choose to peruse a personal injury lawsuit.

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