Three fatalities resulted from a shocking two-car motor vehicle accident in which the impact was so powerful that it tore a speeding black Mercedes in half during a head-on collision with a Honda on the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County, shortly after midnight on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.


Three men – both drivers and a passenger in the Honda – died at the scene of the full-force, head-on auto wreck. The accident scene was such a tangled mass of metal and glass that first responders, including the California Highway Patrol, Ventura County Fire Department, the Air National Guard, and the U.S. Coast Guard, were not sure at first how many vehicles had crashed or how many people had died in the car wreck.

The driver of the Mercedes was partially ejected from his split vehicle. After a combing search of the shoreline around the accident site, near Point Mugu, around the 7800 block of the PCH, officials believed that no one had been ejected into the water.


The cause of this horrendously deadly, multi-fatality car wreck is still being investigated. What investigators do know is that, possibly due to excessive speed, the driver of the black Mercedes lost control of the vehicle as it headed north near La Jolla Canyon Road. The Mercedes was reported to have begun spinning counter-clockwise, before it collided head-on with the Honda that was headed in the opposite direction.


An independent investigation into the cause of this multi-car, head-on wreck is essential, if the families who lost loved ones last night are ever to have peace of mind. Seeking legal help may seem to be an impossible task at such an emotional time, but it is as necessary as the many other arrangements that must be made, and time is of the essence. Witnesses must be located and interviewed. Physical evidence must be secured for later examination by experts. Insurance and legal claims are time-sensitive and must be filed promptly. Justice can be had, but it must be vigorously pursued.


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