Bryan Dawson Sentenced to Five Years for Chico DUI Incident

A court in Sacramento, California, on Wednesday, March 4th, handed down a five-year sentence to a man who killed another while driving under the influence. Bryan Dawson’s sentence is probationary, meaning that he will serve it outside prison.

Dawson had earlier pleaded guilty to a count of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated with enhancement of leaving the scene of a crime. Prosecutors informed the court that the man was so drunk at the time of the accident that he did not know he knocked someone down.

The accident Dawson was arrested for, occurred in December 2016. The man hit and killed Maria Flores, 20, when he drove his car on the sidewalk on Nord Avenue.

Mike Ramsey, the District Attorney, believes that Dawson should have been sentenced to serve the five years in state prison. He noted that Judge Jesus Rameriz took into account the fact that the man has spent a year in jail while awaiting trial.

The judge also considered that Dawson has expressed remorse for his actions, was enrolled for two years at a treatment facility for alcoholics and had no prior criminal records. Based on California law, the man, in addition to his sentence, will have his driving privileges suspended.

If within the time of his probation, Dawson gets behind the wheel of a vehicle or drink and drive, then the court reserves the power to send him to state prison. For the next five years, the man will be monitored by the court to ensure compliance with the terms of his probation.

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