Elisa Estrada Dies in Car Crash in Fresno, California

On Saturday morning, February 8th, Elisa Estrada, 32, a resident of Fresno, California, died in a car accident. The police report showed that she was driving alone, south bound on Valentine.

Estrada was near Ashlan when the accident occured at about 2 a.m., and preliminary reports showed that she lost control of her car and wrecked it against a brick wall. There was no other person or car involved in the crash.

The deceased passed away shortly after the accident. Police have not discovered the cause of the crash, and they are still looking into it.

So far, there’s no hint of foul play or intoxication on the side of Estrada. Fresno has a higher accident rate resulting in fatalities than other parts of California.

California state data shows that the number of pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents is higher than average. Most of the accidents resulted in traumatic injuries and deaths.

Car accidents are common in the United States, and they are often caused by human negligence. Some of the standard causes include getting distracted while driving.

Drunk driving, speeding, weather, and running red lights are also some of the prevalent causes. Tire blowouts, intoxication, animal crossing, and tailgating also contribute.

After a car accident, it is prudent to get medical attention. Afterward, contact the Department of California Highway Patrol or the police department to give them the details of the crash.

If two or more vehicles are involved in the crash, get the contact details of other people, as well as drivers’ license information, vehicle registration, and, if possible, pictures from the scene. If there’s negligence involved, contact an attorney and discuss the applicable personal injury laws.

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