Harold L. Swaim Dies After Crashing Trailer in Bond County

Harold L. Swaim, a 44-year-old man from Redmond, died after crashing a tractor-trailer he was driving on Interstate 70, Bond County, Illinois. Accident reports state that the collision occurred on Tuesday, May 19, at about 8:30 AM.

The victim was traveling west on the road when his vehicle veered off the roadway towards the left. The trailer went through the median and the eastbound lane before coming to a stop I a field near milepost 47.

The Bond County coroner pronounced Swaim dead at the scene of the crash. In a release, the Illinois State said that he suffered a medical condition while driving, leading to the accident. Authorities plan for an autopsy on the body. No further details are available at this time.

Accidents involving tractor-trailers are common on roads, with about half a million of such crashes occurring yearly. These accidents account for 10% of traffic-related deaths. The causes of these collisions include distracted driving, driver fatigue, mechanical errors, maintenance mistakes, and bad weather.

Other causes include driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, speeding and overtaking, poorly trained drivers, and improper cargo loading. These accidents, apart from causing death, also lead to severe injuries.

The injuries that persons involved in trailer crashes sustain include back and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, and head and brain injuries. Other injuries that may occur due to trailer accidents include burns, amputation and disfigurement, internal injuries, broken bones, bruises, and lacerations.

Accident reports from authorities show that trailer crashes will hardly occur if drivers practice safety and maintenance measures. Tractor drivers must also drive cautiously and avoid overspeeding to prevent collisions with other vehicles.

Disclaimer: The Accident News article you just read includes information obtained from numerous sources. These sources include, but are not limited to, websites and press releases from law enforcement, the county coroner, fire departments, and other news outlets. While we strive to provide readers with the most accurate information, sometimes the information received is not entirely accurate. For complete details, please refer to an official police report.

The articles published contain sensitive subject matter that may be hard to read by some. We understand that losing a loved one is hard and devastating. Accident News’s decision to share the stories is to help others who may be facing the same situations by providing appropriate resources to the general public.

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