A traffic accident in Anaheim resulted in a crash that sent the driver to the hospital.  The collision occurred on Ball Road between Gilbert and Magnolia streets at around 6:40 a.m. when a silver Chevrolet SUV that was traveling west on Ball swerved to the right, hit a traffic sign and slammed into two power poles.  The reckless SUV also damaged a white Ford pickup, a silver Ford two door and a black Nissan pickup. The cause of the accident was not known but it is speculated that the driver may have been sleepy. The driver was rushed to the hospital but the extent of the man’s injuries are not known.

Drowsy driving is right up there with cell phone use and DUI as the cause of major accidents.  Public awareness is growing and individuals who drive when fatigued could be held responsible for injury or property damage caused by their recklessness.  This is especially true if the driver was aware they were tired prior to getting in their vehicle.  In the above case, the individuals who owned any of the three cars can sue to obtain money for the damage incurred by the wreck.  If you have suffered a loss of property or been seriously injured because of a drowsy driver, take action and contact our legal offices today.  During a one-on-one free office consultation with a sponsoring attorney, they will discuss your legal options and help you obtain the money you need for accident associated costs.