An SUV slammed into a McDonald’s in Anaheim today causing injury to a small child and an infant. The unfortunate incident occurred after a 77-year-old woman backed her Saturn Vue into the side door of the restaurant at around 11:18 am. The McDonald’s, which is located at 740 North Euclid was open for business and while many patrons remained unscathed a young child and baby were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after the event.

Investigators believe that the woman may have been pulling out of the handicapped parking spot across from the side door. The SUV driver complained of pain shortly after the accident.  The woman’s SUV had to be pulled out of the wrecked McDonald’s by a tow truck.

This accident could have been so much worse and the children’s injuries far more severe. If that has been the case, the children’s parents could possibly pursue the SUV driver via a personal injury lawsuit. They could then sue for damages as they related to their kid’s accident related medical costs. When someone hurts you or a valued family member in a car accident of any kind, you do have rights.  Contact the personal injury lawyers at Our sponsoring personal injury law firm today for a free case review and  see what you can do after someone else’s negligence’s causes debilitating pain and injury.