A school bus and car accident in Anaheim resulted in one adult and one child being taken to local hospitals. Although the injuries noted were minor, authorities and paramedics at the scene advised medical exams as a precaution because of the violence of the collision. The accident transpired earlier today at the intersection of Broadway and Olive Street after a white Toyota Camry, which was traveling northbound, broadsided an Anaheim City School district bus.  There was only one child inside the bus at the time and both bus driver and passenger appeared unharmed. The child was later picked up from the hospital by their parent – the Camry driver was evaluated at a local medical center.

It is thankful that authorities at the scene did not take it for granted that no one was hurt after the auto accident. Far too often people can appear to be okay and later succumb to hard to diagnose internal injuries.  In some of these instances, people have died.  If people were injured in the accident, fault would have to be determined. Once liability is established, those who were seriously hurt could file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party.

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