Early this morning, 24-year-old Michael Marlo was killed in a tragic car accident in Buena Park. The crash took place at around 2:40am on the 91 Freeway near the Beach Boulevard exit when Marlo’s car flipped over the side of the freeway and he was ejected. It was reported that the car he was driving also caught on fire. This an extremely tragic crash and currently remains under investigation by the CHP. No further information has been provided.


It is absolutely critical that an independent investigation take place immediately into this crash to determine the causes, preserve the crucial evidence and locate and interview any witnesses. It is unclear why Marlo’s vehicle flipped or why he was ejected from the car. His vehicle must be secured before any evidence is removed. There are many elements to a case like this and it must be determined whether there were defects in his car that caused it to flip over.


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