In Chino, a suburb of Los Angeles, the family of a man killed by Chino police are suing the city or wrongful death. Daniel Balandran, from Rubidoux, was shot and killed by Chino police when he ran past a Papa Johns where a robbery had just taken place. Officers who spotted Balandran mistakenly believed that he was a member in the robbery, so an officer fired a shot at him. According to the officer that fired the shot, Balandran was holding an object towards her, which she presumed to be a weapon of some sort.

In reality, the item held up by Balandran was food from McDonalds, and it was also determined that Balandran had no involvement in the robbery. In addition to the shooting, the family also alleges that the police failed to provide medical assistance and as falsified police reports.

The Chino city attorney, Jimmy Gutierrez, has stated that the robbers, rather than the police offers, are responsible for the shooting and resulting death. The family’s attorney has reportedly asked for a 19.5 million dollar settlement in the wrongful death case.

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