2 men driving a stolen Lexus SUV  were arrested today after leading police on a highly dangerous pursuit through West Los Angeles, Culver City and the Mid-City area. The actual pursuit began at 9:30 a.m. on the southbound San Diego (405) freeway. The men in the stolen Lexus squealed onto Olympic Boulevard at one point and crashed into another car, but sped off shortly after the collision.

Police pursued the suspects on surface streets and after traveling onto Santa Monica Freeway (10) they proceeded to drive both north and south on Robertson Boulevard and Baldwin Hills. During the chase, the SUV nearly collided with another vehicle as it attempted to drive on the wrong side of La Cienega street. The Lexus eventually crashed into a curb. The driver tried to bail but was eventually caught and the SUV passenger was also taken into custody. Little is known about the original owner to the Lexus SUV or the condition of the other driver who was hit by the fleeing suspects at the start of the pursuit.

One thing that is certain however, is the fact that the driver and/or his passengers in the hit car can file a personal injury claim against the suspects if they sustained serious bodily harm. Anyone who is involved in an car accident and sustains injuries can do the same.  Contact our sponsoring law offices today to set up a free consultation and see what financial reparations you may be entitled to after your crippling automobile accident.