A Fullerton man called a “good samaritan” by his neighbors proved his reputation true after an attempt to save a suicide, which resulted in a car accident that killed him. The man, who is identified to be in his 50s, spotted the woman standing in the middle of West Orangethorpe avenue in what appeared to be a suicide. The woman was reportedly screaming at passing motorists to hit and kill her, police said.

After seeing the woman, aged 21 at the time of the accident, the man rushed to the street and successfully pulled her from danger. The man was hit minutes later when trying to report the suicide incident to a police officer. A witness called 911. According to Fullerton police, the man was taken to the Irvine Medical Center for treatment of his injuries, and was listed in “extremely critical condition” before dying later. The woman who the man saved fled the scene, but has been caught by Fullerton police as the accident remains under investigation.

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