Three crashed vehicles blocked eastbound traffic on highway 91 today while eastbound traffic on 22 and Harbor blvd trickled to a halt as well. Both roadways were clogged due to traffic accidents that created an untold amount of congestion. The collision on highway 91 occurred at 7:49 a.m. and involved a silver Nissan SUV, a silver Honda Civic and a green Ford Escort.  The autos were all traveling down South Street when the accident occurred. An ambulance was called to the scene although the extent of injuries are not known.

Meanwhile, in Garden Grove, another three way car crash on the 22 Freeway incapacitated traffic near Harbor for nearly an hour  This particular accident involved a green Toyota Camry, a gray Chevy truck and a red Ford Mustang.  An ambulance was called to the scene as well, with some injuries being reported.

With so many collisions occurring, it is thankful there were no fatalities.  Yet and still, most of the people involved will suffer debilitating injuries as a result of the car accident through no fault of their own.  If you have been involved in a similar accident, don’t hesitate to contact our sponsoring lawyers to learn more about potential compensation that will help with sudden medical costs.