An SUV rollover accident in Huntington Beach caused a Toyota 4Runner to lose its wheel and sent 4 people to the hospital. The accident, which occurred around 1:00 on Newland Street just south of Yorktown Avenue, involved a second vehicle as well, although no one in the other car was hurt.  The Toyota 4Runner was traveling down Newland Street when the incident occurred. Three ambulances were called to the scene to take the injured away  to local area hospitals.

The extent of the victims injuries were not known at press time.

No matter what, there is an indication that many, if not all of the passengers were injured.  If and when they manage to pull through, they should definitely look into why the SUV rollover occurred.  More often than not, rollover happens because of an auto manufacturer’s defect.  If this turns out to be the case, people who suffered severe personal injury can sue the automaker for financial damages. We have helped numerous men and women in similar positions to recoup compensation when consumer products have failed them. Call our sponsoring law firm today to find out more about product liability and personal injury lawsuits and get the law on your side after you rollover accident!