A recent car accident between a police car and minivan has left investigators confused regarding fault. The car accident, which occurred at 9:40 am at the corner of Wardlow and Los Coyotes in Long Beach, was viewed upon by four credible witnesses. The problem at hand is that the witnesses’ stories conflict, which makes the question of fault very problematic. Two of the witnesses place the police with a green light at the intersection, while the other two confirm a green light for the minivan driver at the time of the car accident.

As a result of the accident, drivers of both cars suffered injuries. Air bags were triggered in both vehicles, leaving the driver of the minivan trapped after the impact. Firefighters were forced to use special equipment to free the driver – a 51-year-old woman from Cypress. Following the car accident, she was rushed to a local hospital where she received treatment for multiple injuries, including a fractured pelvis and ruptured spleen. The police officer involved in the car accident sustained a cut above the eye as well as injury in his neck, back, and knee.