A man and woman are injured after they were ejected during a severe freeway crash on Friday, but both are now expected to survive. The Friday night accident involved three vehicles: a bus, a car, and a train. The accident was clearly severe for all parties involved, and had the potential of being even worse, according to officials from Los Angeles Fire Department.

The accident begun Friday night when one vehicle lost control on Freeway 10, ramming into the divider that splits the opposing lanes. Upon impact, the two occupants of the car, a male and female in their 20s, were thrown from the vehicle onto the the tracks below the freeway, in the path of an oncoming train. At this point, despite attempts to stop, a bus struck the disabled car that remained on the freeway. The accident grew in severity with time, as the Metrolink train then grazed the leg of the man who had been ejected.

Fortunately, only one passenger was injured between the train and bus, but the man and woman were taken to a trauma center in critical condition. The accident may have also led to additional accidents when drivers became distracted, authorities said.

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