Initial reports showed only that a pilot died in an emergency landing in a parking lot – but later reports have revealed that the pilot who died in a plane crash this past weekend may have, in fact, saved several lives in his unfortunate emergency landing plane crash.Saturday the 14th, the still unidentified pilot flew a 1977 Beechcraft Bonanza registered to a David E Flotho.

For reasons unknown, the pilot made an emergency landing into a parking lot into San Gabriel, touching down on the ground successfully but then crashing into a factory wall. The plane, after hitting the factory wall, became engulfed in flames, the pilot still inside.

A very strategic maneuver by the pilot may have actually saved many lives, says reports from LA County Fire Department. The pilot was forced to land in an area that could have made his landing quite hazardous to others, yet landed in a way that was entirely safe to all bystanders – avoiding cars, a railroad sign, and area buildings.

Investigation and autopsy of the pilot’s death is ongoing as of Monday. If you also have been the victim of a plane crash, car accident, or other such injury-causing event, your best course of action is to seek advice from a lawyer. From aspects of medical insurance to filing litigation, lawyers can offer professional information and advice that is otherwise unaccessible. For accidents in Los Angeles, we specifically ask that you schedule a free consultation with our personal injury legal offices – call (888) 853-6696 or submit your case online.