Early this morning, at about 3:30am, five people were in a car that crashed into a concrete median on the 110 freeway just past the 105 freeway in Los Angeles. The crash happened on the Northbound side of the Harbor 110 leaving all critically injured. All passengers were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

It is unclear as to the cause of the crash but the California Highway Patrol is investigating. If you have any information regarding this tragic crash, please contact the CHP immediately 323-259-2000.

Median crash cases are not that common. Generally speaking there is a reason that such a crash takes place. Anything from a confusing merge or junction change to driver distraction or inattention. If you or a loved one has been involved in a median crash case and need help, contact our office today for a free consultation (888) 853-6696. Our 24/7 attorney hotline will connect you with a lawyer immediately.