A major traffic accident involving a double-decker bus occurred on I-5 at Oso Parkway and injured five people. The incident, which also ensnared several other vehicles, closed three lanes of traffic as well. The double-decker bus, which was 32 feet long, was devoid of passengers at the time of the collision. Just south of the accident, two vehicles ran into the right shoulder of the highway after a truck driver smashed into the center divider on the southbound 5 near Crown Valley Parkway. The California Highway patrol believes the accidents are related. Reports on who were affected by the crash were not available at press time but it was revealed that the various collisions on I-5 did result in five injuries. The injured were taken to nearby Mission Hospital for treatment.

When the smoke clears on this double-decker accident fiasco, there will be a number of people trying to figure out what occurred and most importantly, who was at fault. Assessing liability in such a potentially debilitating traffic accident can help accident victims recoup financial damages. This financial compensation will go towards medical costs and replenish  wages which can be cut off while the victim recuperates in the hospital or at home.

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