According to reports, injuries from a recent SoCal bus accident were numerable. The bus accident left at least three with significant injuries and 25 people with minor injuries. The bus accident that occurred at 1:21 pm on Monday involved a car and the bus, which was carrying thirty passengers.

The accident took place as the car struck the bus on a road in Montebello. According to Steve Zermeno, a Los Angeles County Fire Inspector, injuries may have occurred in both the car and the bus. The bus involved was a Montebello public transit bus.

When bus accidents occur, it is inevitable that many innocent people are affected. While riding on a bus, or even in a car, passengers are rarely at fault, but are sometimes injured more than others. As a passenger, however, you do have passenger’s rights.

If you feel that you have been slighted or your injuries are the result of negligence, it is important that you are informed of these passenger’s rights, and even more importantly, that you receive professional advice from a lawyer. So in the unfortunate event that you are also injured in an accident, don’t fret – call a Los Angeles car accident lawyer for a free consultation at (888) 853-6696.