A man was seriously injured in an auto accident in Riverside County Wednesday when the small pickup he was driving flipped several times across the southbound lanes of I-15 near the California Oaks Road around 11:40pm. The truck in which he was driving quickly became engulfed in flames as it came to rest just off the side of I-15, however, what happened next can only be describes as an incredibly amazing display of human decency, extraordinary bravery and utter heroism at its best.


Hero Trio Rescues Man Seconds from Catastrophe!

Riverside County residents, 26-year-old Noah Treadway of Murrieta and 27-year-old Clayton Halstead of Temecula, had been traveling home along I-15 at around 11:40pm when the auto accident took place…literally before their eyes! According to a statement given to reporters, Treadway said he and his friend were just about to exit the freeway onto California Oaks Road when they witnessed a small “two-seater pickup” flying across their path and begin flipping “several times.”

As quickly as the truck stopped flipping and came to rest alongside the highway, Treadway states “a bunch of black smoke came up.” Realizing the truck was ablaze and seeing no escape efforts being made by the unfortunate driver, Noah Treadway, Clayton Halstead and at least one other passerby (who has not yet been identified) sprang into action!

Rather than simply “witnessing and reporting” the auto accident to proper Riverside County authorities, the trio of men ran toward the burning pickup and began an amazingly dramatic rescue effort in an attempt to save the auto accident victim’s life. The men managed to pull the injured victim from the cab of his truck and drag him to safety. Approximately “20-seconds later,” the victim’s truck exploded into an inferno of flames, billowing black smoke and debris.


Murrieta, California Auto Accident Victim Incredibly Fortunate

Murrieta Fire Department responded to the auto accident on I-15 and upon their arrival found the victim’s truck still ablaze according to Murrieta Fire Chief, Mario Monroy. The fire was extinguished and the accident victim treated and then rushed to area hospital for further treatment. His current condition is not known at this time.

The trio of men who assisted the victim and possibly rescued him from imminent catastrophic injury were relieved their efforts helped the victim and his family from a situation which may have been considerably worse, yet they too were quite upset from the auto accident themselves. In fact, the men reported the “emotional” and “traumatic” rescue had left them all visibly and emotionally shaken.


What Might Have Caused the Auto Accident?

While it is still unclear as to what might have caused the accident, it is possible the victim may perhaps shed some light on what took place prior to his auto accident once he has recovered enough to provide a statement.

However, there are times when after an incredible accident such as this that those involved suffer such a traumatic shock that the details of the accident remain blurred for quite some time. In cases where the victim suffers brain injuries or other types of head injuries, it is not always easy for them to recall certain details of their accident or certain details become confusingly mixed together. Some victims never regain full memory of the accident or how it took place at all!


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