San Diego County Sheriff’s Department are investigating what might have caused a woman to lose control of her car, hit 2 parked vehicles, crash into a Lemon Grove home and end up viciously wrapped around a utility pole on the 82000 block of Golden Avenue near Golden View Terrace Wednesday around 8:50pm.

However, as a result of the vehicle being so violently destroyed, combined with the manner in which it crashed through two vehicles and a house before only being stopped by an enormous utility pole, speed could most likely be the cause.

The female driver of the vehicle miraculously survived the dramatic car accident in San Diego County but had to be extricated from the mangled car with help from the Heart Land Fire & Rescue. She was taken to an area hospital and being treated for “unspecified injuries” according to Heart Land Fire & Rescue dispatcher.


Residents of Lemon Grove Home Damaged in Car Accident Fortunate

While the female driver of the vehicle involved was fortunate to have escaped from the car accident injured but alive, the family living in the home her car collided with are even more fortunate this accident wasn’t worse.

Maria Brown, her husband, two children and the exchange student whom they share their home with were all inside the residence but were apparently unharmed. But the accident could have been worse as result of the area of the home which sustained the brunt of the vehicle’s blow was also the area in which the Brown family’s two children sleep!

According to Mrs. Brown, “We had a large, what felt like an explosion, outside of the house. The house shook, bang, loud noise, shook the sofa.” Though extremely fortunate no one suffered injury due to the car accident, the Brown family home sustained significant damage.
What Options do the Victims and/or Property Owners Have?

The female driver of the automobile which lost control, struck the two parked vehicles and crashed into the Lemon Grove home before bouncing off and wrapping around the utility pole will likely be held responsible for all the property damage sustained as a result of the car accident.

If proven that the traffic accident occurred as result of the driver’s negligent speeding and/or reckless driving, the driver as well as the insurance company could be forced to pay for repairs to, or replace entirely, the vehicles which were damaged.

Upon inspection to the Brown family home, if any of the key elements in the upholding its structural integrity (foundation, walls, load-bearing walls, roof etc.) sustained damage to the point of an inspector rendering the home unsafe to inhabit, the financial compensation owed to the Browns and/or the property owner could be tremendous!

It is for all these reasons, if you or someone you know is injured or perhaps suffers damage or destruction to property as the result of a car accident, it is imperative to ensure your/their right to recover financial compensation is protected.

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