John Waddell Sues Mine Shaft Manufacturer for Injuries Sustained in Aguila Accident

On Wednesday, February 26th, John Waddell, of Aguila, Arizona, filed a lawsuit against a mine shaft manufacturer. He is suing the company for the injuries he sustained while using their equipment.

Waddell had his accident about eighteen months ago. At the time, he was working in a mine shaft in Aguila when a component of the mine shaft that was meant to protect him, gave way under him.

The army veteran ended up at the bottom of the shaft, where he spent about three days. He used sticks to make a cast for his broken leg and had to kill off snakes to protect his life.

Waddell was about to give up hope when he got rescued. As he would later discover, a neighbor noticed that the mine worker was missing and contacted the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff organized a search and rescue party and succeeded in getting the injured man out alive. A waiting ambulance transported him to the hospital, where he got treated for his wounds.

Waddell’s ankle was completely shattered in the fall, and the doctors managed to fix it. The man walks around with a permanent limp, and lives every day with a constant limp.

The Aguila resident wants the court to grant him compensation for the pain he has lived in since his accident. He believes the shaft was faulty, and the company was negligent in its manufacture.

The court will take into consideration the degree of negligence on the part of the manufacturer, and the duty of care owed to their customers. If the liability is high, then the court would award damages to Waddell.

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