John Seiwert Dies in Orland Park Traffic Accident

Jeremy Lizenbee

On Saturday, June 27th, 69-year-old John Seiwert died in a two-vehicle collision in southwest suburban Orland Park, Illinois. The rollover crash happened at 2:26 p.m. in the 8800-block of Maple Avenue.

According to the Orland Park Police, Seiwert’s vehicle collided with another car and ejected him while rolling over. The Cook County Medical Examiner said that he died from blunt force injuries at the scene and ruled his death an accident. The other driver received treatment at the crash site.

The police did not issue any citation, and they believe that drugs or alcohol are not factors in the accident. There is currently no additional information.

Motor vehicle accidents occur for several reasons, but only one reason causes a car occupant to get ejected. The latter is a lack of seatbelt use while in transit. Although cars are equipped with a lot of safety measures like tire pressure monitoring systems, back-up cameras, and lane departure prevention systems, they are not as significant as a seatbelt.

A seatbelt is an injury prevention device that minimizes the risk of severe injuries and possible death. It saves a lot of lives during motor vehicle collisions by keeping the occupant of the car inside; it restrains the hips and joints, the strongest body parts.

Using a lap and shoulder belt spreads out the force of a collision over a wide area of the body, thereby preventing stress from being concentrated in one area. It slows down the body, protects the brain and spinal cord, and prevents drivers and passengers from being on the wrong side of the law.

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