Sean Dorgan Identified as the Motorcyclist Killed in a Traffic Collision Near Seneca

The LaSalle County Coroner’s Office identified the motorcycle rider killed in a traffic collision near Seneca, Illinois. On Tuesday, October 13th, the coroner revealed the victim’s name as Sean Dorgan, a 51-year-old Romeoville resident.

The multi-vehicle motorcycle collision happened on Friday, October 9th. The coroner’s office did not disclose the events leading to the crash that killed Dorgan but stated the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Office is heading the investigation into the occurrence.

Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of crash-related deaths in Illinois. Common causes of this type of accident are unsafe lane changes, especially if a vehicle’s driver fails to check blind spots or signals when changing lanes.

Open doors of parked vehicles in the path of an oncoming motorcycle and speeding cause accidents. Traveling over the speed limit reduces a biker’s reaction time when it comes to preventing collisions, and the higher the speed, the more significant the impact of the crash.

Operating a bike under the influence of drugs or alcohol is also a factor and comes with civil and criminal liabilities. Lane splitting, that is, driving in between two lanes, sudden stops by the motorcyclist or vehicle driver, and inexperienced motorists contribute.

Others are misjudging left-hand turns, dangerous road conditions, and motorcycle defects. Riders can mitigate the preceding and the above by riding with care and caution, obeying the road’s rules, keeping riding skills honed with continuous education, and maintaining the motorcycle before and after riding it.

Disclaimer: The Accident News article you just read includes information obtained from numerous sources. These sources include, but are not limited to, websites and press releases from law enforcement, the county coroner, fire departments, and other news outlets. While we strive to provide readers with the most accurate information, sometimes the information received is not entirely accurate. For complete details, please refer to an official police report.

The articles published contain sensitive subject matter that may be hard to read by some. We understand that losing a loved one is hard and devastating. Accident News’s decision to share the stories is to help others who may be facing the same situations by providing appropriate resources to the general public.

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