A car wreck in Anaheim culminated in serious injury after a silver Lexus RX300 SUV and a gold Chrysler Town & Country van collided. The accident itself occurred at approximately 11:30 a,m. at Orange and Ninth streets and blocked the area.  The male driver of the Town and Country car was attended to at he scene by paramedics and was later taken to the hospital by an ambulance.  Although the man is listed in serious condition, the Lexus occupants were unharmed. Investigators report that the airbags in both vehicles deployed.  The cause of the accident is still undergoing investigation.

Although  the motorist that were  delayed  by the van and SUV wreck, were probably more than a little upset, the drivers and their passengers were shaken and in one guy’s case, seriously hurt.  The investigation is ongoing but as more information comes to light, they may find that the Lexus driver was at fault for the collision.  If this is the case, the injured man in the Chrysler Town and Country Van could pursue the other motorist in court for financial compensation.

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