One can only imagine the surprise of the sole occupant of a home on the 12000 block of W. 195 Street, when at 2 a.m., a car came crashing into her domicile.  The woman, who was in another room, was asleep when the vehicle plowed through a bedroom in another part of the house. Thankfully, the collision caused significant structural damage but no major injuries.

The car, a BMW, came to rest in a front bedroom of the home early Thursday morning, but the driver, as well as the woman inside, were both unhurt. Damage estimates are unknown and the reason for the crash is still under investigation at this time.

Both the driver as well as the woman inside the home must have breathed a sigh of relief that no serious injuries were incurred during this early morning fiasco. Yet and still, the light of day will reveal intensive property damage that will need to be paid for. The driver of the BMW  will of course be held responsible. No matter the cause of the crash, he is the sole reason the home is in current shambles. If you have found yourself in a similar predicament, do not despair—you have legal rights! Obtain a free case evaluation and learn what your options are after someone brings horrible devastation to your home or property.