An Ortega Highway car crash resulted in three serious injuries, with one hurt motorist being airlifted via helicopter to a local area hospital. The motorist and passengers were the apparent victims of a solo car accident that ended in a car fire. Although the car fire itself was doused quickly, all three passengers inside the car reported personal injury but only one was airlifted to a medical center. The collision occurred 11 miles east of the I-5 and was reported around 12:05 p.m. Traffic on Ortega was shut down until 1:40 P.M.

As with all solo automobile wrecks the assumption will be that the driver did something to cause the accident themselves. While this is certainly true a good portion of the time, there are other issues, like faulty car parts, that can cause a solo car wreck as well. A thorough investigation can pinpoint the the cause. If the collision turns out to be due to an auto defect, injuries parties can sue the automaker via a product liability claim.

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