Lil Yatchy Survives Atlanta Single-Vehicle Crash

Hannah Underwood

The rap star, Lil Yatchy — real name Miles Parks McCollum —, 22, survived a single-vehicle car accident on Monday, June 22nd, in Atlanta, Georgia. The car accident report showed that the victim was driving a Ferrari 488 sports car at the time of the accident.

At about 3 p.m., the rap artist, who was traveling in the HOV lane on Georgia State Route 400, hydroplaned and crashed. Lil Yatchy’s car was caught in puddles of standing water, and he lost control of it, causing him to collide with a barrier on the road’s shoulder. The impact sent the Ferrari 770 feet across seven lanes.

The man told Georgia State Patrol Troopers that he was traveling in the first lane of the median, and was unable to remember the sequence of the events that led to the incident. A witness told the investigators that Lil Yatchy’s car passed his vehicle like standing bricks.

The GSP described the weather condition as rainy, and the road as wet, and thus, the rap star was driving too fast for conditions. The victim sustained minor injuries, and the accident report showed that he was wearing his seat belt when he crashed. There is no information on whether he received treatment in a hospital.

Lil Yatchy received a citation for violation of basic driving rules, and speeding, improper driving on roadways laned for traffic and driving in the HOV lane. There is currently no additional information on the accident at this time.

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